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About us

Euro Used Clothing is part of the textile recycling organization Boer Group. Founded in 2000, we are the youngest sorting company within the organization.


Sorting Process

Our sorting process is designed to give as many clothing items, other types of textiles, and shoes a second life.


Work with Us

Working at Euro Used Clothing means working for an organization with a pleasant atmosphere and opportunities to earn great bonuses.



If you want more information about the possibilities, please contact us or fill out our request form. We would be happy to make you a suitable proposal.

Boer Group, leader in textile recycling

The Boer Group is a family-owned company with a long tradition. An organization that has been a market leader in the textile recycling industry for many years, with partners all over the world.
The core business is the collection of textiles, used clothing, and shoes, sorting them, and preparing them for reuse. Boer Group includes 3 collection companies and 7 sorting companies located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.
Innovation and textile recycling are highly valued at Boer Group, which is why they founded Boer Group Recycling Solutions in 2015. Material reuse is the future, and Euro Used Clothing is proud to be part of the Boer Group organization.

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“We strive for sustainable and controlled business operations.”

Arie Collens

Euro Used Clothing always aims for good quality and provides assurance to its customers. We have the right certifications within the textile recycling industry and adhere to the guidelines set by the industry organization VHT (Vereniging Herwinning Textiel).

We strive for sustainable and controlled business operations in which environmental risks are managed and reduced.
The welfare of our employees is also very important to us. They should be able to work in a safe environment and, where possible, be supported by automation during their work.

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Working in the fascinating world of textile recycling

Recycling textiles is not only better for the environment but also contributes to creating employment, both in the Netherlands and beyond. The sorting of collected textiles is largely done by hand, making it a highly labor-intensive process. This manual sorting is essential to properly assess the quality and type of textiles.
Euro Used Clothing consciously chooses to perform this sorting in the Netherlands, thereby creating employment opportunities. Within Euro Used Clothing, there are various job positions available. Initially, not mastering the Dutch language is not a hindrance. Many ladies and gentlemen working in our sorting department, for example, are of Polish origin. We are happy to invest in the development of our employees, including offering language courses.

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