Our Employees Have an Eye for Detail

Work at a Young and Dynamic Company

Are you looking for a job at a young and dynamic company? Then, check out the vacancies at Euro Used Clothing! Working at Euro Used Clothing means working at an organization with a pleasant atmosphere and opportunities to earn nice bonuses. We’d be happy to tell you more about who we are, what working at Euro Used Clothing entails, and the possibilities within our company for you.


Our Sorting Department is Led by Enthusiastic Supervisors

Euro Used Clothing is a textile sorting company located in Zevenbergen. Our employees are the face of our company, and they determine the quality of our sorting based on their knowledge and experience. On average, there are 45 employees (mostly women) working at Euro Used Clothing. Most of them work in sorting and are supported by a team of supervisors. Our supervisors have a hands-on mentality. They ensure that the entire team starts each day with enthusiasm and works in a practical and motivated manner.

Internal Training, Competitive Salary, and Nice Bonuses

If you join us in sorting, you will receive internal training for about 6 weeks before you can start in tasks like pre-sorting. Sorting textiles requires a good evaluation of the material and the condition of the item. Our sorters are also capable of recognizing whether an item is in fashion, so having an affinity for this is highly welcome!

An advantage of working at Euro Used Clothing is that, in addition to a competitive salary, you have the opportunity to earn an extra net bonus when you achieve a production goal. Additionally, all employees may qualify for a Personal Kilo Bonus. This is a bonus that allows you to take home beautiful clothing for yourself or your family every month.

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