We Focus on the Global Secondhand Textile Market

Collected Textiles Sorted into Up to 250 Different Items by Our Sorters

Secondhand textiles are becoming increasingly popular. Clothing you no longer wear can be suitable for someone else.
At Euro Used Clothing, not only collected clothing arrives in our sorting hall. Bedding, stuffed animals, and towels are just a fraction of the items our sorters come across. Up to 250 different items can be distinguished, which we further categorize into various qualities.
A minimum of 90% of the offered products is reused as a recycling product or as clothing that can be worn again.
Textiles that can no longer be used in their original form are shipped to recycling companies and processed into rags or ground into fibers. These fibers are used in products like mattresses and underlays.

Tweedehands schoenen

Our Sorting Company Aims for Consistency in Quality

Over 70% of the world’s population is in need of secondhand textiles, and this number continues to grow.
In recent years, we have built a large network of loyal customers in the secondhand textile market. Many of our customers are located in Africa and Eastern Europe.
These customers are looking for products that match the demand in their country. It is also important that they comply with the applicable laws and regulations in that particular country.

The demand for products in a country is determined by the conditions in which the population lives and the standard of living that applies in that country. For example, there may be a need for mainly winter clothing in one country, while another country primarily demands linens.
Thanks to short communication lines, we can quickly respond to market developments, and our sales concept seamlessly aligns with this.

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